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Cars for Sale

If you're looking to buy or sell a Stag, this is the place!

Please send details of cars for sale to [email protected]

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1972 Triumph Stag 3l V8 Manual with Overdrive

This has been my project for the last 2 years.

Car has had all rust professionally repaired and has been repainted in the original blue color.

The engine sounds good, has good even compression on all cylinders and has good oil pressure. See

Work done/parts replaced include:

  • Repair all rust
  • Under seal applied
  • Remove and repair power steering rack and pump
  • Replace alternator
  • Replace battery
  • Replace coil and electronic ignition
  • Replace water hoses and thermostat. Remove inlet manifold and replace frost plug
  • Remove and clean fuel tank
  • Remove and re-upholster dashboard
  • Re-upholster driver seat including foam replacement. Passenger seat can do with the same work
  • Replace the carpet
  • Refurnish the LH and RH door cards
  • Replace the RH door handle and add new gaskets to door handles
  • Replace the LH electric window switch. Have verified that window motor works, just trying to narrow down a possible bad earth wiring to get it working . RH electric window works fine
  • Recondition/adjust carburettors including balancing This was done by CHECKERED FLAG AUTOMOTIVE in Whangarei
  • Remove soft top and fix some damaged parts. The soft top is in good condition with no tears/rips. Note there is an issue with the soft top where the rear support bar(the one that puts tension on the top just over the rear window) has been removed as it prevented the soft top well cover from closing. The soft top is still fine if it rains. I have not been able to resolve this, and I think it needs someone with experience of this type of soft top to resolve. I have found a cpy in Auckland (Supertrim Upholsterer) that would be able to help
  • The hard top is complete, but has been stripped back and has extensive rust. I will get the structural rust fixed.

The car is in Whangarei, cost to Transport from WAY2EZ Transport is $280 to Auck/$720 to Wellington/$1350 to CHCH